v F.A.Q. - Judo

What is judo,?

Judo is a combination of the words ju, which means courtesy, kindness, and delicacy, and do, which means path and school. The word of Japanese origin is literally translated into Turkish as "the path of delicacy and grace". It means producing courteous solutions. Producing courteous solutions to our customers' communication problems... Maximum benefit with minimum expenditure... In other words, "you can have champagne taste on a beer budget", as we say. That's judo,!

Why is our name judo,?

Why not?

Is there a reason why we chose this name?

First of all, this website you are currently browsing, judo.com.tr, was available. This is one of the important reasons, but it's not the only one. Judo was defined by its founder Jigaro Kano as "the art of creating maximum impact with minimum energy". In other words, "The greatest impact possible with the least possible expenditure..." In our opinion, this is the best description of a successful communication campaign. It is also the answer to the question of why we need to do creative and effective works. And since we aspire to do such things, our name is judo,.

How do we work? How do we not work?

We do not attempt to sell advertisements to advertisers. We work to sell products to the consumer. We do not try to persuade our customers. We try to persuade the consumer. We do not put our customer satisfaction at the center of our business. We do not offer alternatives after alternatives. We bring only what we know to be true to the meeting and present the idea that we believe will really work.

What should you do to work for judo,?

We would love to meet colorful, talented, and enthusiastic people who are interested in the communication sector. Do not hesitate, just send an e-mail introducing you to bizjudoyuz@judo.com.tr.

What should you do to work with judo,?

If you're an advertiser who wants to work with us, you may find a mutual friend because you've already worked in this sector for years. You can both receive information about us and ask for our mobile phone number. Or you can start following us on social media and like our posts and slide into our DMs. If it doesn't work, you can send an e-mail. You can even call if you want to talk... But still, it's best to find mutual friends and start from there.

Are we judoka?

Judo is not just the name of an Olympic sport where people push and pull each other. It's a competitive system that focuses more on skill than size. It is an understanding, a philosophy, even an art. From this point of view, yes, we are judoka. But if what you're asking is whether we're engaged in the sport of judo, the answer is no. We've never done judo.

Are these questions really frequently asked?

No. These questions are not asked frequently (except for the question Are you judoka? This one is asked frequently.) nor are these answers frequently read. That's why we thank you, beautiful person, for coming all the way here and reading these lines. Thank you for discarding the cliche "long texts are hard to read". That's why we do not use a formal language and we embrace you as friends. Because we feel close to you. So, we are glad to have you.